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maggio 27, 2016 - Nike

The supply chain of the future

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Approximately 50 kilometers outside of Antwerp, amongst #green fields and alongside the Albert Canal, Nike’s newly expanded European Logistics Campus sources energy from its surrounding landscape — from five locally generated renewable energy sources, including six 150-meter-high wind turbines (enough to power 5,000 households) and solar panels with a surface area equivalent to three soccer fields.

Additionally, more than 95% of waste generated on-site is recycled and transportation routes to and from the campus have been optimized to reduce CO2 emissions by 30%, underscoring Nike’s commitment toward building the supply chain of the future.

Beyond emphasizing Nike’s vision for a low-carbon, closed-loop future, the new campus expansion enables the company to more quickly serve its consumers with performance products when and where they want them across 38 countries.

As explained by Eric Sprunk, Chief Operating Officer, #nike, Inc., “Our growth ambitions and meeting the rising expectations of our consumers are only possible with a smarter, faster and more sustainable supply chain. That’s why this new facility is critical to enabling us to process orders with incredible agility, flexibility and speed — from a single #product order to ten thousand.”

This expansion marks the fifth period of growth for Nike’s European Logistics Campus, which stretches across four locations in Belgium: Laakdal, Meerhout, Herentals and Ham. For more details, view the press release.

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