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august 26, 2016 - Solaris

New Solaris Urbino 12 Hybrid and Urbino 12 CNG premiere on the IAA trade fair in Hanover

The biggest European utility vehicles trade fair #iaa, to take place in Hanover from 21 to 29 September, will see the world premiere of the Solaris’ new-generation hybrid #bus and the compressed natural gas-fuelled #urbino12 CNG. What is more, the Polish producer is also celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2016, and so the trade fair season will be marked by this round anniversary.

The first #solaris buses of the new generation have been riding on European roads since mid-2015. Over 600 state-of-the-art vehicles can be seen in dozens of cities in Europe. The number of contracts for new Urbinos is growing successively and so is the portfolio of the #solaris flagship #product. Apart from standard diesel Urbino busses, the producer has created electric and low-entry models based on the new generation technology. The two latest models were presented for the first time during last year’s Busworld fair in Belgium, in city of Kortrijk. In a few weeks two other vehicles will have its debut – the #solaris Urbino Hybrid #bus and the natural gas-fuelled #solarisurbino12 CNG.

The new #solarisurbino12 Hybrid

On display during the #iaa fair, the hybrid novelty fresh off Solaris’ factory gate will be equipped with a serial hybrid drive called HybriDrive by U.S. producer BAE Systems. This technology is based on an electric engine powered with energy storage system. This is charged with the help of a generator using a low-capacity Cummins diesel engine (a 210 HP Cummins ISB4.5E6) which also uses only little fuel. The environmental-friendly, partially electric drive allows to significantly reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emission into the atmosphere. The new hybrid Urbino #solaris offers also optional the possibility to install a Stop-and-Go system, which allows to turn off the diesel engine at the #bus stop and to leave the #bus stop in the zero emission mode, as well as an Arrive-and-Go system, which additionally allows to turn off the diesel engine already when the #bus is approaching a stop. Various tests have shown that thanks to those options the #bus is able to save up to 20 percent of the fuel needed by similar vehicles with a conventional drive.

The new #solarisurbino12 CNG

The 12-metre Urbino CNG benefits from the construction improvements of the new-generation #solaris busses, such as its light frame and state-of-the-art driveline, as well as increasing the passenger space and comfort and improving the driver’s workspace. The drive unit of the new #urbino12 CNG is a Cummins ISLG engine producing 320 horsepower and meeting the Euro6 norm, coupled with a VOITH Diwa6 gearbox. The composite CNG tanks installed alongside the roof of the #bus allow carriers to fill up a total of 1875 litres of gas, thus increasing the driving range.

The new #solarisurbino12 electric

The new, standard-length and battery-powered Urbino will also be presented in Hanover. The electric #bus has already premiered during the Busworld 2015 in Kortrijk in Belgium. The vehicle to be on display in Hanover will be equipped with 240 kWh batteries, charged with a roof-mounted pantograph and a traditional plug-in. It is this very model that has competed for the “Bus of the Year 2017” title this year. The outcome of the competition will be announced by the end of August 2016. Recently #solaris has also completed orders for new generation electric Urbino buses for Hanover, Hamburg and Tampere in Finland.

More teasers

Soon the Polish producers will present new versions of other low-floor models. During the trade fair Transexpo in Kielce in October one of the novelties to be shown by #solaris is of the MIDI Urbino 10.5 class - a new-generation #bus with a Cummins ISB6.7 E6 engine with 209 horsepower. The new Trollino 12 is to debut slightly later.

Information about #solaris #bus & Coach

Solaris #bus & Coach S.A. is a Europe-wide leading, Polish maker of public transport vehicles: city buses, trolleybuses and trams. The firm has manufactured over 14,000 vehicles supplied to 30 countries all around the world. The company employs 2300 people in Poland and nearly 300 in overseas offices. Products of the firm have won numerous awards for their quality and innovative technology, both in Poland, other European countries as well as in the UAE or in Morocco.