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january 13, 2017 - Renault

Renault France - CAP 2020: Signature of Business Contract for Sustainable Performance of Renault in France

On 13 January 2017, Groupe #renault CEO Carlos Ghosn and representatives of the CFDT, CFE-CGC and FO unions signed the #renault France – CAP 2020 agreement.

Renault France – CAP 2020, a Business Contract for Sustainable Performance, lays the foundation for the future of #renault in France over the coming three years by addressing the three priority focuses of customer satisfaction, long-term business performance, and personnel motivation.

Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Groupe #renault:“Our previous agreement, signed in 2013, made a major contribution to the group’s growth. Three years on we can say all of its commitments have been met or bettered. 

I am delighted with the work accomplished in the past few months to put this new agreement together. 
In preparing for the future, #renault in France takes up a sustainable performance dynamic grounded in workforce-wide involvement, and in the realization that strong performance worldwide depends on strong performance in France.

I would like to thank all the unions involved in the process; their commitment proved instrumental in the development of a sound joint project, and confirms the strength of our labour relations dialogue.”

Firm business volume commitments

Under the new agreement, #renault commits to sustaining worldwide exemplary status for its French production facilities, and to a business volume outlook through to the end of 2019 and beyond. This includes a commitment on an average production volume equal to that in 2016, with the assignment of at least one new model or platform per body-assembly plant from 2017 to 2020, and commitments on annual average production volumes for powertrains and chassis.

Renault also undertakes to invest €500 million on plant modernization. 

There will be a strong emphasis on developing Renault’s engineering resources in France, consistent with the company’s aim for French-based engineering to form the hub of a worldwide, group-wide network of advanced technology development units. Substantial R&D outlay, including annual investment of at least 8% of Group’s sales revenues is scheduled accordingly.

An efficient and motivational labour relations policy

To lay the ground for the future of #renault in France, firm commitments are made on employment and training, with a view to developing skills that address developments in areas such as today’s digital transformation process. Specifically, #renault will be hiring 3,600 people on permanent employment contracts and 6,000 on youth employment schemes. Then 40% of the people hired on permanent employment contracts throughout the duration of the agreement will be recruited from among the people on the youth employment programme.

Under the #renault France – CAP 2020 agreement, #renault also undertakes to bring in worktime organization better adapted to workload conditions and capable of improved response to customer expectations and shifting market conditions. In addition, working conditions will be improved through measures including a “zero-accident” safety policy, working environment renovation, participative management, wide-reaching dialogue on work quality. A particular emphasis will be put on enhancing personnel recognition.

A strengthened labour relations dialogue

With this agreement, #renault and the unions express a shared wish to instigate a new approach to labour relations dialogue. The agreement sets out a framework for permanent dialogue, to ensure concerted implementation both locally and centrally. 
Renault France – CAP 2020 expresses both signatories’ conviction that responsible labour relations dialogue is a key factor in long-term company performance and preparing the way for the cars people will be driving tom