july 24, 2017 - Jaguar

Behind the scenes: how Jaguar achieved a Barrel Roll with new E-PACE SUV

The #epace withstood an impressive 33 test jumps, with only minor safety modifications – including the fitment of a roll cage –made to the vehicle. Its strong and stiff body, which is comprised of boron steel and aluminium, ensured the car easily withstood the extreme durability testing.

The feat, inspired by cinema’s most iconic car stunt, was overseen by experienced stunt personnel, including veteran stunt co-ordinator Gary Powell  and #terrygrant, the stuntman behind the wheel and holder of a further 21 ‘officially-amazing’ GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ titles. These include the spectacular GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title setting loop-the- loop in 2015

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