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november 20, 2018 - Modo 10

A moon shaped bas-relief marks the unique style of the new living area and bedrooms by MODO10. This is the way the collection MOON starts

A new and meaningful collection for #modo10 with a new style in the living area and in the bedrooms of our houses. Here the simple and immediate simplicity of the Nordic style is combined with the Italian taste to “make furniture well” and with the elegant taste for a simple and elegant decoration. This is the way #moon is created: a new line of furniture for the living room and for the bedroom that #modo10 offers to the Italian market; it is conceived for a young and dynamic house, but it is also characterized by the best and very rooted furniture making tradition.

Two decorative patterns represent the distinguishing mark for this collection: the circle and an irregular geometrical figure which are obtained by applying a technique like the one which is called “bas relief” in the sector of marble. However, in this case it is applied to ash wood; decorations are “carved” on the surface made of solid wood, on three layers, and they are finished only afterwards by the skilled hands of the furniture making craftsman.

Ashwood, which is used with natural water-based finishing in 8 warm shades, is chosen because this essence is easily suited to bending and flaking: this is the reason why it is very appreciated in the furniture making industry. Its #design is very simple and linear: it enhances its essential manufacturing with circles and irregular geometrical forms being engraved into the ash wood.

Each item is solid and light at the same time, but also dynamic and “decorative”: it is a contemporary interpretation of furnishing the spaces of a house by #modo10, starting from the top productive quality of the object. Models of the #moon collection have a patented #design and are protected by a “true wood” warranty.

Bedrooms include iconic elements with a strong identity: beds, chests of drawers and bedside tables, wardrobes, mirrors and small accessories, made with attention down to the smallest detail, to give a warm and cosy flavour to the room we want to be comfortable as well as functional and versatile. For the living area, #modo10 developed a modular system, still made of ash wood, including standing items, shelves and hanging columns where a special display case of glass is installed. The association of elements made of light ash wood and elements made of dark ash wood is original: this set emphasizes the material and timeless charm of the natural wood in a modern and dynamic way