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aprile 18, 2016 - Renault

AZRA invests $40 million Canadian in transport electrification

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The company introduces the #renault #twizy in #canada and deploys 8,000 electric charging points.

Montreal, April 15, 2016 - Over the next 18 months, #azra will invest $40 million to install 2,000 new electric charging stations and deploy the #twizy, Renault’s first 100% electric vehicle in #canada.

“At #azra, we are change agents on a mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Jean-François Carrière, President and Chief Executive Officer of #azra. “We are proud to be investing in transport electrification because it is the way of the future to reduce our environmental footprint.”

"By using our electricity to power our transport we will improve our environment while increasing our economic prosperity,” said Jacques Daoust, Minister of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transport Electrification. “I therefore welcome the investments announced today by #azra. The fact that #renault has chosen a Québec company to market its electric car in #canada speaks volumes about our leadership in this area."

Renault #twizy comes to Canada

At the same time, #azra is introducing the #renault #twizy in #canada. The #event was celebrated in the presence of Guillaume Berthier, Renault’s Electric Vehicles Sales Director.

“Renault Group is delighted to have chosen a company as dynamic and committed as #azra for the launch of #twizy in #canada,” said Mr. Berthier. “Electric cars, #twizy in particular, enables #renault to boost its international development. It also allows #renault to participate in the development of new ways to sell cars. This is demonstrated by AZRA’s “all in one” offer, with digital playing a dominant role in the sales model.”

This small city car, which is 100% electric and designed by the #renault Sport team, has a type-1 charging cable and side reflectors. Certified since March 1, 2016 by Transport #canada, its speed is capped at 40 km/h to come under the category of low-speed vehicles.

The #twizy will be available for lease at $99 Can per month, including the costs of registration and insurance. AZRA-Partenaire-Renault-Partner has teamed up with Uni-Select to ensure the management and maintenance of the vehicle fleet.

8,000 new charging points

To contribute to the expansion of the network and increase the accessibility of charging stations for Canadian drivers of electric vehicles, #azra will install 2,000 charging stations over the next 18 months. The stations, made entirely of aluminum, will be equipped with 7 to 50 kW power charges that can serve up to four users, for a total of 8,000 new charging points. They will be installed for free on private property through the establishment of partnerships with owners of office buildings, shopping centres and other types of buildings.

The joining of forces between #azra and #renault will ensure that Canadian electric car drivers can count on a comprehensive and efficient electricity network.

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