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luglio 05, 2017 - Gazprom

Speech by Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, at the annual General Shareholders Meeting

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Foundation for Further GrowthDear shareholders,

The materials prepared for the annual #generalshareholdersmeeting on Gazprom’s performance in 2016 include the Annual Report, the Accounting (Financial) Statements, the Audit Commission’s Report, and other documents.

It is proposed that the Shareholders Meeting approve:

  • the 2016 Annual Report of Gazprom;
  • the 2016 Annual Accounting (Financial) Statements of Gazprom;
  • the allocation of profit and the proposals by the Board of Directors on the amount, period and form of the dividend payout based on the results of 2016.

It is also proposed that the Meeting approve the Company’s Auditor, the remuneration for the Board of Directors and Audit Commission Members, and the election of the Board of Directors and the Audit Commission Members.

You can find the draft decisions on these matters in the ballots and the additional information in the materials you received.

More information on the press release

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