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marzo 12, 2018 - Mondi

Mondi wins World Food Innovation Award with a packaging solution inspired by nature

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Vienna, Austria, 12 March 2018 – The global #packaging and paper group #mondi received a World #food Innovation Award 2018 in the “Best #packaging Design” category. The competition – organised for the fourth time by FoodBev media – recognises the company’s innovative concept for the #pistachiodream box. Out of 220 entries from over 20 countries, the panel selected Mondi’s submission for its increased shelf appeal of dry #food products at point of sale.

The judges welcomed the creative thinking behind the #pistachiodream. The corrugated outer shell surrounding the nuts’ primary #packaging enables easy stacking on the shelf and conveys the brand’s premium characteristics. The #packaging structure and opening mechanism resemble the product itself: by simply pulling the two sides of the box apart, the end­user mimics the process of peeling off the outer shell of the pistachio. Besides facilitating easy manual assembly and opening, the exterior walls play an additional role – they provide a convenient receptacle for the empty pistachio shells after consumption. This enhanced functionality supports end­user convenience and boosts brand awareness. Combined with its intriguing design, the #pistachiodream #packaging positions the product as a premium item on the shelf that grabs consumers’ attention.

Armand Schoonbrood, COO Corrugated #packaging at #mondi, states that “today’s busy lifestyle means that consumers demand products that make life simpler and more comfortable while the product experience, health and environmental aspects continuously influence purchasing decisions. This convenience trend is particularly prominent in the #food sector where the number of products on the shelf is continuously rising. Large and small brands compete for customers’ attention. As a result, we aim to develop new #packaging concepts that proactively meet these needs and help set the scene for a future that stimulates the senses”.

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