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dicembre 04, 2018 - SUZHOU DESIGN WEEK 2018

500 thousand visitors at the first edition of the Suzhou Design Week: Venezia guest city 2018

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The first edition of the SUZHOU #design WEEK ended with 500 thousand visitors coming not only from Suzhou, which has over twenty million inhabitants, but also from nearby cities suchas Shanghai, which at the same time hosted Salone del Mobile. Milano – Shangai.

Promoted by the Suzhou Municipal Government with the support of the Suzhou National Historical and Cultural City Protection Zone, the institutional support of the Chinese Government, and special contribution by Vittorio SunQun and Xie Dan, the SUZHOU #design WEEK took place at the Gusu District Peachblossom Village from November 23rd to 27th on the theme "Grand #design, New Economy".

At the end of the event, Massimiliano De Martin, Delegato del Sindaco a #suzhoudesignweek and Assessore all’Urbanistica Città di Venezia, and Mr. Yang Zhiping, Vice Mayor of Suzhou Municipal Government, signed the "REGIONAL COOPERATION SIGNING", an important agreement thatreinforces the relations of cooperation between the cities of Suzhou and Venice, twinnedsince 1980, which are committed to developing joint projects in the field of sustainableurbandevelopment, with the difficult task of protectingtheirhistoric centers, increasinglyinvolved in an exponential growth of tourism.

Mr. Yang Zhiping: "The first edition of #suzhoudesignweek was a further step forward in strengthening collaboration and dialogue between Suzhou and Venice, Italy and the People's Republic of China. Urban #design is important for the quality and growth of each community. Suzhou and Venice are linked by a historic friendship, so at the #suzhoudesignweek we wanted to reiterate the desire to continue to dialogue and cooperate together in the field of urban development and the protection of cultural heritage. In Suzhou's process of economic and cultural growth, many aspects must draw on international experience, and in particular that of Venice, because both our cities experienceverysimilarsituations of difficulty and relaunch ".

Guest City 2018 was Venice with the project "X-Port Venice" curated by Michele Brunello.

More than 100 exhibitions and artisticinstallations, with 40 designers from 5 countries (Italy, Korea, Holland, France, Japan and the United Kingdom), animated the program of the week, with a special focus on "Green Design" and its multiple uses to improve the quality of everyday life whilerespecting the environment.
In this first editiongreat signatures of Chinese #design haveintervenedZengHui (Curator of “Sixchapters of a floating Life” exhibition), WangYudong (Curator of photography exhibition “Urban Spirit”), Jiang Youbo (Art Director of “Suzhou’s Golden Age” installation) and WuWenyi (Curator of architectural exhibition “Footprint”).