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maggio 20, 2019 - Seat

SEAT reduces its waste by 34% and expects to achieve a 60% reduction by 2025

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  • This year the company is implementing measures designed to produce less waste and treat all waste produced more efficiently
  • Since 2010, #seat has improved its production-related environmental footprint by 34% with measures to emit less CO2 and fewer volatile organic compounds, generate less waste and consume less water and energy
  • The next goal is to achieve a 50% reduction in its environmental impact by 2025
  • Last year the company invested 16 million euros on environmental initiatives

On the occasion of International Recycling Day, which is being celebrated tomorrow, #seat has announced that it is focussing its environmental improvement actions this year on reducing waste. Over the past 8 years, #seat has managed to generate 34% less waste in its facilities, and in the next few months is going to implement measures designed to reduce production waste by up to 60% in the next six years.

Among other initiatives, #seat is going to prevent waste generation and address optimising separation in order to obtain more recycling and reuse of production waste. The company also aims to further refine the waste generated at different stages of the production process, such as paint and sealant slurry.